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Fred B.

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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2010|05:38 pm]
Fred B.
New Years Chicago - Pretty Lights? Sublime?
Wu Tang (Chicago) - Jan 8th
BoomBox - Jan 14th (louisville) 15th St Louis Feb 10 Indy 11th Champagne/Urbana 
DSO - Milwaukee jan 21 Chicago 22 Urbana 24 Indy 29
Tea Leaf (Bloomington) - January
Cornmeal (Bloomington) - January 29th
SCI Winter Carnival - March 10-12 Broomfield, CO
Furthur NYC -  March 10th-15th
Ultra (Miami) - March 25th - 27th
Furthur (Hampton, VA) - April Fools
Bay To Breakers - May 15th (san francisco)
Furthur Festival >?? TBA ?? 
Wakarusa - Early June
Tellerude BlueGrass June 16th - 19th
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& The Town Threw Down On Me [Jun. 16th, 2010|08:25 pm]
Fred B.
So it's been a while ... a long while .. since I've written anything in here.

As many of you know, I've been on an adventure in the past month. In a nutshell?

Jaymz and I decide on a whim that it's time to go, right now, well the next day when we're not inebriated to California. Destination West Sacramento : Amber's place. We bungied Jaymz hood down, and loaded up the thread-bare tire, oil burning hoopty with clothes, music books, guitars, and some other odds and ends for the journey and set off for our first destination of the trip : a small college town outside of Lincoln, Nebraska . We drove thru a torrential down pour in Iowa that slowed us down about 3 hours, thought we got struck by lightening (hell we could've been it was so loud, close, and bright that it scared the shit out of the both of us, thank god for rubber tires) We arrived at our destination, my friend Leigh's dorm room (it's been a while since i've ventured into dorm life) around midnight. We figured out upon arriving into the town our cell phones dont work in town ANYWHERE so we tracked down a late night wal-marter who was kind enough to lend us the use of his phone. Met up with Leigh and her roomate, Beth, who were both a bottle of wine ahead of us. I hadn't seen Leigh since ... summer before senior year in high school. It was a good reunion, we had got drunk and merry, told stories, climbed out on the roof of her hogwarts esque dorm for cigarettes and joints.. and decided to finally turn in around 5 am.

The next day was a long drive across the enormous state of Nebraska. Nothing too exciting happened until we reached Pine Bluffs, Wyoming around night fall. Here we stopped at the welcome center rest stop (turns out this was a bad idea) when one of the small towns Finest proceeded to notice us and led us through a guilty until proven innocent conversation. Mind you, neither of us were stoned or had smoked in the car for over a day. Also our soon to be $300 gram was stashed in a mason jar in our taco johns bag in the back seat. Under normal circumstances we would have been just fine.. but after further review our new friends and passerbys in Fort Collins, Colorado explained how frequent an occurance this was. Lucky for us it was only a citation, which Jaymz ate (thanks homie) and his sister bailed us out of via credit card (isn't technology just great?!). The cops totally smoked that shit too, their eyes got wide as fuck upon opening the ball mason jar and letting the funk out. Even went as far to congratulate and applaud us on our choice in cannabis, beer, our style, and guitars. They knocked us for our taste in cigarettes (pall mall lights) but whatever fuck em nonetheless.

We ended up in Ft Collins that night... saw a punk rock band in a their town's version of The Vid in Bloomington, met some kids that were from Indiana traveling who had also been at Little 5 two weekends before. Discovered the coolest bar stools either of us had ever seen .. which consisted of rope swings on 20 ft. ropes (wonder how many times people ate shit on those bad boys I almost did) then painted the town red so to speak ... Ended up crashing with an older more seasoned traveler who had recently settled down to go to school and was going through legal trouble. The next day we picked up the stinky cheese man on the way out of Ft. Collins and were on our way...

We discovered Steve (the Stinky Cheese Man) was en route to Humboldt County so we thought we had a road dog for the rest of our journey... little did any of us know... Steve had some swiss cheese that needed to be ate due to lack of refridgeration and some shrimp rolls to boot. He claimed to love cheese, don't we all? About 3/4 of the way through Wyoming he asked us if we could stop for the bathroom (as we're passing the exit) and we say hell yah, no problem we kinda needed gas anyhow. So we get to the next exit 10 miles up the road and Steve hobbles like a penguin into the Pizza Hut for a bathroom break. He returns 10 minutes or so later with the news.... "I'm gonna be honest guys, I shat my pants, you don't want me in your car and I'm gonna be a while here cleaning up." Pulling into Utah I put two and two together and blurted out through my laughter that he was The Stinky Cheese Man , we were rollin on that one for a good ten minutes.

Utah was pretty until the sun went down, Salt Lake City : sucks, we might've seen a body getting dumped in the salt flats and we stopped at this casino in wendengo (?) NV. It was a trip, the parking lot was in Utah the front door to the casino was the state line. We toyed around with penny slots for a couple of hours (ultimately losing about 10 bucks) discussed the atmosphere of a casino and it's inhabitants and decided to move on down the road. We got to a rest stop about 2/3's thru the state and I had to catch a 4 hour nap (Jaymz didn't notice any of this as he'd been sleeping since the casino). Crossing into California was a near religious experience as we weren't too confident in our set of wheels and the trip had been long. We got to Sacramento and spent our first night there drinking beers and catching up with our homies Amber and Josh and I got to meet her very kind family. This was to be our home base for the next month, couldn't of asked for a better set up... until 4 days later Jaymz sheds some light on how he wore his welcome out the last time he'd been in CA with them (surprise surprise).
The second day in California josh myself and jaymz made the pilgrimage to San Francisco for something we had come to know as Bay To Breakers. This party put Little 5 to shame. The premise... a 7 mile "marathon" through Golden Gate park that starts somewhere around 7 oclock in the morning. Everyone is invited to dress up and be crazy or to get naked if one desires. We saw a million Waldos, The Dude Of Life, zombies, short short basketball players and everything between. Snagged up on a box of wine and we were set. There are tons of pictures of the event in my face book .... This is where Jaymz caught his second case for well... if you dunno, ask me in person we'll put it like that. It was definitely a result of Jaymz being a drunken fool. He was at what you would call the Invisible drunk state.

The third day in town Josh took us to our new favorite hangout, a half sunken river boat in the Sac River about a mile from Amber's house. It was a saweet place to kick back and have some beers. This is where and when I recieved my Dear Johnny call from Mia . On a side note, I really fucked up .. totally should've had a heart to heart with her about everything before I left ... presently we're still pretty rocky even as homies , biggest oops ever. Lovers stay together if you have something special, don't be a lame brain like yours truly.
Enough on that, there will be time to post about that later...

In fact this is definitely not the adventure in a nutshell. I think I'll continue this post in a day or so .

In a nutshell : eye-opening, exciting, breathtaking, heartbreaking.

until next time....
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'rich man step on my poor head..' [Jul. 30th, 2007|07:57 pm]
Fred B.
[mood |bitchykill mode.]
[music |tennessee jed]

so, today confirmed it for me .
this world is going to hell in a hand basket .
at least valpo .

i was crossing the street on my bike , and this lady in her mini van with her hubby and kids
rolled through a stop sign , not even looking out onto laporte ave [by barnes and noble] and tboned me . i went flying , she bent the rim on my bro's bike [just slightly thank god it still works and i was able to fix it] i land and eat shit . get up and point violently at to the stop sign looking her right in her shitty face . and she looks back , raises both her palms and shoots me an 'oops' countenance and slams on the gas pedal doing 80 miles an hour to flee . no one got her plate number . and her kids must think it's just fine to roll through stop signs and hit kids on their bikes now too . i could've been fucking killed and this bitch just shrugs it off, thank god i'm not hurt at all , the bike is ok , and i didn't have to work tonight . i'm in no mood to answer phones for dumb ass people who don't even know what they want before they call to place an order tonight. i hate that shit. note to everyone out there, before you call the pizza place to make an order, know what the fuck you want. because you're gonna get 'shitty' tones from the person on the other end and maybe even a tampon in your pizza if you're not careful .

i'm really just pissed off and venting a bit, sorry if this is a rage and spiteful post. but i feel spiteful right now. someone have a bowl to calm my nerves er what?!
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long time, no post [Jul. 17th, 2007|11:43 am]
Fred B.
so , i haven't posted in this in over a year now... and i'd say i should start again.. just from time to time to cue you all in on , what's goin on with myself.

let's see, today i'm leaving for minnesota to the 10thousand lakes festival . and i'm so excited i could piss myself . last year was phenomenal and i'm sure this year won't disappoint . how could you with a set list of .. bob weir, moe , zappa [dwezil], sci , the disco biscuits! and on and on . what great times to be had up in beautiful clean minnesota.

anyone else notice the immense change in cleanliness if you get an hour away from chicagoland?
if you haven't, take yourself on a drive an hour away from here and the city , and take a walk in a park there. you might notice that you can breathe and the air seems palpable as it goes in and out of your body . what a smile this feeling brings to my face , and a dooming thought pattern that comes to my mind when i think, this is all being destroyed , so we can be fat slobby mcdonalds eating americans. sick.
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pet peeves [Aug. 27th, 2006|08:43 pm]
Fred B.
i'm tired of people who can't pick up their phones or follow through with anything.

to all of these people, don't be callin me up bothering me for any favors or hook ups or any bullshit like that.
i'm so sick and tired of this bullshit ... fucking dipshitz
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do you want the job? [ lady , of course i do that's why i'm here ] [May. 17th, 2006|05:52 pm]
Fred B.
[Current Location |home base. sanctuary.whatever.]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |disco biscuits]

today i landed a job making doughnuts, TiTS .

last night i won the world series cut throat championship. i've got the pseudo gold , bow tie on a chain necklace to prove it. lately i've been in kind of a rut. i don't wanna hang out with many people because i already know them all, and am just in general, not happy hanging out with most of them. i feel like, i'm bending my own standards that i've just set for myself already by hanging out with them. a few people i can still stomach , but there's no partyin or whatever going on . they might or might not look at that in a bad way, but as far as i can tell, we've all had fun together regardless and that makes me happy . i went out to lunch today at pestos and got some dank lobster ravioli, and sat in the bar haha. i probably could've ordered a beer but i refrained and stuck to my book whilst waiting for my meal. ummm.. i dunno , life seems kinda mundane right now, but at the same time, it feels really good to actually be a normal , rational person again. or at least to be attempting that. i dunno if i'm happy or not with my situation yet, but all good things in all good time i suppose.

i really want to go and get some ice cream. anyone else?
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stranded in bloomington [May. 8th, 2006|02:35 pm]
Fred B.
[Current Location |monroe co public library, dammit]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |jerry does dylan live]

so.. i'm stranded in btown , anyone that comes to get me will be rewarded some free glass, 40 bucks , and an additional 30/40 bucks for gas.. any takers? call mia's cell phone. don't know mia's cell number? ask around . cuz i'm not posting that shit. peace
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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2006|04:00 pm]
Fred B.
[Current Location |sleep]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Let It Grow]

so i'm reading this Huxley book right now. and it's blowing the fuck out of my mind. holy shit.
i can't stop .

well i have to stop , it's 4 pm and i work in seven hours.. still haven't slept. time for a shower, then i'm gonna read some Ferlinghetti and pass the fuck out.
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what a gorgeous morning. [May. 3rd, 2006|07:46 am]
Fred B.
[Current Location |mom's office]
[music |silent in the morning]

sooo who's down to go do something today? i'm notsleeping til 5 in the evening.

it's seven 30 and i'm making pot roast, YUM . i miss having a car and driving around going no where but crazy listening to my music with good company. cruises are the closest thing i've got and that's not the same, not what i'm talking about. i wanna go somewhere. maybe i'll stow away on a train to chicago today or something ? that's always fun. maybe get kicked off somewhere about, Gary? haha, maybe not such a bright idea. there's plenty to do , i'm gonna find out what. after i take a shower and brush my teeth . all this soda i've been drinking makes my mouth feel like it's rotting away . jamez and i need to go steal a tire from the junk yard for his car, or get one somewhere for cheap because i have somewhere to be this weekend and i'm not gonna just give up . fuck that , i gotta be there :) if not, i'm gonna have a lonely dull weekend without seeing mia, fuck that. I've been enjoying work lately, the shifts have been going faster. i want to find another job though because midnights all the time is gonna get old. until i do, looks like that's what i have to work with and i'm gonna. another day another dollar .
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good luck on your finals everyone [May. 2nd, 2006|08:21 am]
Fred B.
[Current Location |the goldjew computer]
[mood |fullhappy, but kinda lonely]
[music |Built To Spill - Twin Falls]

mm it's a gorgeous wet morning here in valpo. no rain , just very damp . everything looks so alive in weather like this.
it's tuesday . tuesdays are good, usually. i had an awesome weekend. got a whole shit ton of rest, a few new books, and LOTS of mia time [my favorite :) ] welll i think i'm gonna go get in the shower and then head for bed. midnights man, they got me feeling like i'm about to pass out at the same time you guys wake up and feel like you're gonna pass out. not a bad trade i suppose, except i get to sleep til 3 everyday , which puts me on the upper hand [wouldn't you say?] unless you actually like the mornings , like i do . in which case, i guess i am kinda missing out , but i do get my favorite time [7 am til 9 am] . i love this time , if i could i'd get 6 to 9 . because i love to see the trucks and the business of all the morning people getting things ready to go for the day before all the assholes come out and ruin it. there's a fresh sense of newness and purity about the mornings... before the craziness of the day sets in , everyone is talkative and happy, unless of course, you're not a morning person. which sucks to be you .

i'm talkin myself in loops , so gooooooooood night : )
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