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good luck on your finals everyone - Then Before & Now Once More [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fred B.

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good luck on your finals everyone [May. 2nd, 2006|08:21 am]
Fred B.
[Current Location |the goldjew computer]
[mood |fullhappy, but kinda lonely]
[music |Built To Spill - Twin Falls]

mm it's a gorgeous wet morning here in valpo. no rain , just very damp . everything looks so alive in weather like this.
it's tuesday . tuesdays are good, usually. i had an awesome weekend. got a whole shit ton of rest, a few new books, and LOTS of mia time [my favorite :) ] welll i think i'm gonna go get in the shower and then head for bed. midnights man, they got me feeling like i'm about to pass out at the same time you guys wake up and feel like you're gonna pass out. not a bad trade i suppose, except i get to sleep til 3 everyday , which puts me on the upper hand [wouldn't you say?] unless you actually like the mornings , like i do . in which case, i guess i am kinda missing out , but i do get my favorite time [7 am til 9 am] . i love this time , if i could i'd get 6 to 9 . because i love to see the trucks and the business of all the morning people getting things ready to go for the day before all the assholes come out and ruin it. there's a fresh sense of newness and purity about the mornings... before the craziness of the day sets in , everyone is talkative and happy, unless of course, you're not a morning person. which sucks to be you .

i'm talkin myself in loops , so gooooooooood night : )