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Fred B.

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what a gorgeous morning. [May. 3rd, 2006|07:46 am]
Fred B.
[Current Location |mom's office]
[music |silent in the morning]

sooo who's down to go do something today? i'm notsleeping til 5 in the evening.

it's seven 30 and i'm making pot roast, YUM . i miss having a car and driving around going no where but crazy listening to my music with good company. cruises are the closest thing i've got and that's not the same, not what i'm talking about. i wanna go somewhere. maybe i'll stow away on a train to chicago today or something ? that's always fun. maybe get kicked off somewhere about, Gary? haha, maybe not such a bright idea. there's plenty to do , i'm gonna find out what. after i take a shower and brush my teeth . all this soda i've been drinking makes my mouth feel like it's rotting away . jamez and i need to go steal a tire from the junk yard for his car, or get one somewhere for cheap because i have somewhere to be this weekend and i'm not gonna just give up . fuck that , i gotta be there :) if not, i'm gonna have a lonely dull weekend without seeing mia, fuck that. I've been enjoying work lately, the shifts have been going faster. i want to find another job though because midnights all the time is gonna get old. until i do, looks like that's what i have to work with and i'm gonna. another day another dollar .