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Fred B.

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do you want the job? [ lady , of course i do that's why i'm here ] [May. 17th, 2006|05:52 pm]
Fred B.
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[music |disco biscuits]

today i landed a job making doughnuts, TiTS .

last night i won the world series cut throat championship. i've got the pseudo gold , bow tie on a chain necklace to prove it. lately i've been in kind of a rut. i don't wanna hang out with many people because i already know them all, and am just in general, not happy hanging out with most of them. i feel like, i'm bending my own standards that i've just set for myself already by hanging out with them. a few people i can still stomach , but there's no partyin or whatever going on . they might or might not look at that in a bad way, but as far as i can tell, we've all had fun together regardless and that makes me happy . i went out to lunch today at pestos and got some dank lobster ravioli, and sat in the bar haha. i probably could've ordered a beer but i refrained and stuck to my book whilst waiting for my meal. ummm.. i dunno , life seems kinda mundane right now, but at the same time, it feels really good to actually be a normal , rational person again. or at least to be attempting that. i dunno if i'm happy or not with my situation yet, but all good things in all good time i suppose.

i really want to go and get some ice cream. anyone else?