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Fred B.

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long time, no post [Jul. 17th, 2007|11:43 am]
Fred B.
so , i haven't posted in this in over a year now... and i'd say i should start again.. just from time to time to cue you all in on , what's goin on with myself.

let's see, today i'm leaving for minnesota to the 10thousand lakes festival . and i'm so excited i could piss myself . last year was phenomenal and i'm sure this year won't disappoint . how could you with a set list of .. bob weir, moe , zappa [dwezil], sci , the disco biscuits! and on and on . what great times to be had up in beautiful clean minnesota.

anyone else notice the immense change in cleanliness if you get an hour away from chicagoland?
if you haven't, take yourself on a drive an hour away from here and the city , and take a walk in a park there. you might notice that you can breathe and the air seems palpable as it goes in and out of your body . what a smile this feeling brings to my face , and a dooming thought pattern that comes to my mind when i think, this is all being destroyed , so we can be fat slobby mcdonalds eating americans. sick.