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'rich man step on my poor head..' - Then Before & Now Once More [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fred B.

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'rich man step on my poor head..' [Jul. 30th, 2007|07:57 pm]
Fred B.
[mood |bitchykill mode.]
[music |tennessee jed]

so, today confirmed it for me .
this world is going to hell in a hand basket .
at least valpo .

i was crossing the street on my bike , and this lady in her mini van with her hubby and kids
rolled through a stop sign , not even looking out onto laporte ave [by barnes and noble] and tboned me . i went flying , she bent the rim on my bro's bike [just slightly thank god it still works and i was able to fix it] i land and eat shit . get up and point violently at to the stop sign looking her right in her shitty face . and she looks back , raises both her palms and shoots me an 'oops' countenance and slams on the gas pedal doing 80 miles an hour to flee . no one got her plate number . and her kids must think it's just fine to roll through stop signs and hit kids on their bikes now too . i could've been fucking killed and this bitch just shrugs it off, thank god i'm not hurt at all , the bike is ok , and i didn't have to work tonight . i'm in no mood to answer phones for dumb ass people who don't even know what they want before they call to place an order tonight. i hate that shit. note to everyone out there, before you call the pizza place to make an order, know what the fuck you want. because you're gonna get 'shitty' tones from the person on the other end and maybe even a tampon in your pizza if you're not careful .

i'm really just pissed off and venting a bit, sorry if this is a rage and spiteful post. but i feel spiteful right now. someone have a bowl to calm my nerves er what?!